Panoxol's Patented Nitric Oxide Supplement Formula Promotes Heart Health, Regulates- Lowers Blood Pressure and Improves Cardiovascular Strength

  • Panoxol's nitric oxide supplement tells your arteries to relax, widening blood vessels, promoting improved circulation and blood flow
  • Taking Panoxol helps to regulate and lowers blood pressure while increasing cardiovascular strength for your heart health
  • The American Heart Association declared that Nitric Oxide is the most important discovery in the history of cardiovascular medicine
  • Panoxol as a Nitric Oxide supplement is comprised of L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Ginkgo Biloba, Horse Chestnut, Red Yeast Rice and Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract. Each pill is enteric coated to prevent stomach upset and allow for maximum absorption and production of Nitric Oxide
  • Doctor Trusted- Take this nitric oxide supplement alone to promote heart heath or in addition to your existing doctor prescribed medications to further lower blood pressure or improve circulation and blood flow

Panoxol Nitric Oxide Supplement Patent that is Doctor Trusted J Destin MD TestimonyPanoxol Nitric Oxide Supplement Patent that is Doctor Trusted Dr Martin Testimony