US Patent US8691295

Patented to Support Vascular Health

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Patented to Promote Vascular Health
"The supplement was developed to assist in the management of major cardiovascular maladies."

A major problem addressed by the supplement is the management and control of hypertension."

"The supplement's ingredients are documented to have positive effects on lowering systemic blood pressure by having a vasodilatation effect on the peripheral vasculature much like hydralazine; causing relaxation of smooth muscles.

"The supplement achieves [
vasodilatation] through its active ingredients L-arginine and L-citrulline which are direct precursors in the synthesis of nitric oxide.

"[The supplement] plays a central role in endothelial angiogenesis via a cascade enzymatic sequence resulting in a potent vasodilatation effect."

"Aside from this, arginine and citrulline also act via the nitric oxide reaction as a significant mechanism for endothelial cell repair,
a benefit not commonly found in any prescribed medication."

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